Wesleyan University

The Alumni Show II: Sep. 6 - Dec. 8, 2013


In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Center for the Arts, “The Alumni Show II” looks back at four decades of Wesleyan artists. Building on the first alumni art show held in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the CFA in 2003, this exhibition features an entirely new selection of 17 alumni artists. The artwork spans a broad range of contemporary practice and media, including painting, sculpture, drawing, installation art, video art, performance and films. The artists featured in this exhibition are Ian Boyden ’95, Stephanie Calvert ’08, Rutherford Chang ’02, Nicolas Collins ’76 MA ’79, Renée Green ’81, Raphael Griswold’06, John Hatleberg ’79, Gabriela Herman ’03, Elsie Kagan ’99, Liz Magic Laser ’03,Danielle Mysliwiec ’98, Ed Osborn ’87, Juliana Romano ’04, Aki Sasamoto ’04, Arturo Vidich ’03, Stephanie Washburn ’03 and Ben Weiner ’03. Learn more about the show in Wesleyan Magazine: http://magazine.wesleyan.edu/2013/10/07/john-ravenal-81-curating-wesleyans-alumni-show-ii/

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