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Melody Oliphant '13 - Because Wesleyan Is Our Cause


A neuroscience & behavior and history major at Wes, Melody Oliphant '13 is now a research associate in a neurogenetics lab at New York's Mt. Sinai Hospital. "I’m often awestruck at the seemingly limitless answers to the question, 'What makes Wesleyan special?' or 'What excited me about Wesleyan?' Yet, in some form or fashion, the answer always remains the same: the people, the sense of community. Throughout my Wesleyan experience, I participated in a disparate array of activities and academic pursuits ranging from environmental activism to my double major, from founding a sorority to participating in the Wesleyan Student Assembly, from playing Ultimate Frisbee to serving as a women’s center escort to help women pass center protesters. I worked as an archivist at the Middlesex County Historical Society, as a student manager for the Red and Black Calling Society, as a Sustainability Intern working to remove bottled water from campus, and as an intern for the Senior Gift. Someone unfamiliar with Wesleyan might wonder what unites such supposedly divergent interests. But the answer is simple: community. Even in my academics, I learned not to take courses according to my own purported interests, but rather by following professors who ignite a sense of intellectual curiosity and foster a holistic understanding of the world, uniting the humanities with the technoscientific realm." THIS IS WHY. http://thisiswhy.wesleyan.edu

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