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Attack Advertising in America and the Problem of Dark Money


Since the 2010 election cycle, the Wesleyan Media Project has been providing real-time information on the extent of corporate and union spending in federal election campaigns across the country, who specifically is doing that spending and which candidates are benefiting. For more information and the latest data releases: http://mediaproject.wesleyan.edu. For more on attack ads: http://attackads.org The Wesleyan Media Project seeks to enhance transparency in government by providing public information on how special interests are attempting to influence American democracy in general and political campaigns in particular. The Wesleyan Media Project tracks and analyzes all broadcast ads aired by federal and state election candidates in every media market in the country. The Project is a collaboration among Professors Erika Franklin Fowler (Wesleyan University), Michael M. Franz (Bowdoin College) and Travis N. Ridout (Washington State University).

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