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Rush: Adrenaline, Stress, and Modernist Velocity by Enda Duffy 02/09/2015


Enda Duffy is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at UC Santa Barbara, where he co-directs COMMA, the Center on Modernism, Materialism, Aesthetics in the English Dept. He earned his undergraduate degree form the National University of Ireland, Dublin and his PhD from Harvard. Before Santa Barbara, he taught at Reed College and at Wesleyan University. He is the author of The Subaltern Ulysses (Minnesota, 1996) and The Speed Handbook: Velcocity, Pleasure, Modernism (Duke, 2009), which won the Modernist Studies Book Prize as the best book in Modernist studies, 2010. He coedited Joyce, Benjamin and Magical Urbanism, in the European Joyce Studies Series in 2011, and has edited editions of Ulysses and the short stories of Catherine Mansfield. He is at work on two books, one a people's history of Irish literature, the other a study of human energy in modern writing.

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