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The Judd Hall Museum: Wesleyan Storytelling Project


Listen to the story of the lost Judd Hall Museum and watch the slideshow supplied by Wesleyan’s Special Collections & Archives and created for Wesconnect. At Reunion & Commencement 2014, Paul Hadzima ’59 told the story of the Judd Hall Museum to Wesleyan Storytelling Project producers Mia Lobel ’97 and Tess Altman ’17. Is it really lost? We have records that indicate that some of the artifacts of Judd Hall Museum went to the Middletown schools, the Smithsonian, Yale, and other places; some items considered poor-quality was discarded; and the remainder went into storage at Wesleyan. Of the items that were stored at Wesleyan, some went to the Peoples museum and others, including the monumental megatherium fossil, cannot be presently accounted for and are lost. It is uncertain how you would track down the materials that went to other places today, so in that sense, maybe you could say that they are “lost,” too.

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