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23rd Annual Dwight L. Greene Symposium: Equality, Justice, and Sports


Executive Director of the National Basketball Association players' union, Michele Roberts '77, and the Executive Director of the National Football League’s players union, DeMaurice Smith, were the featured speakers at this years Annual Dwight L. Greene Symposium. Roberts, hailed as one of the most brilliant trial lawyers in the Unites States, made history in July of 2014 by being elected the first female union chief in major North American sports. Serving as the primary advocate for all players, she ensures the protection of the organization and its membership, including the lead negotiator in all collective bargaining activities. Smith, who has served as Executive Director for 4 years, lead the NFL players through a 132-day lockout, and by doing so enabled new health and safety protocols for players, in addition to players receiving the highest share of TV contract revenues in history. Prior to his NFLPA post, Smith was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the District of Columbia. From the Public Defender's Office of D.C. to overseeing 2 of our nation’s major sports from a litigation standpoint, join us as they share stories of her journey.

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