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Meet Ward Archibald - Classics


Meet Wesleyan student Ward Archibald, a junior classics major from Athens, Georgia. What made you choose classics as your major? I knew from a very young age that I was interested in classics, because I read a lot of mythology when I was younger, and read the Odyssey at a very young age (obviously I understood very little, but still enjoyed it). Then around 6th grade when I had to choose a language to study, I wanted to study Latin but my mom told me to do Spanish, so I had to do Spanish (y'know, mothers). But I resolved to be a classics major so I bought a lot of books and taught myself about the history and culture with some extra help from some of the Latin teachers at my school who gave me recommendations for books and places to study. Then I showed up at school, took three classics classes my first semester here, and I've been doing it pretty much every semester since. What groups or activities are you involved with at Wesleyan? I work a lot in Second Stage as an actor and an occasional writer and director. I also acted in the faculty production last year. I am a member and officer of Alpha Epsilon Pi, the Jewish fraternity. I play music around campus in bands and in the pit band for second stage shows. I was a writing tutor for a semester. I am a tour guide on campus and I also am on the Classics Majors Committee. I have acted in and crewed a number of senior thesis films as well. What are you passionate about? One of the things I'm most passionate about is music. I have been playing music in some form or another since I was 5 or 6 years old, and have been playing guitar for about 10 years. Listening to, playing, and writing music are my favorite things in the world, serving as a stress release, meditation, an exhilarating experience, and my main method of socially interacting with people. My girlfriend gave me a guitar pick necklace that says "when words fail, music speaks", which, while possibly cheesy, pretty much sums up how I view music. <a href="http://video.wesleyan.edu/collections/collection/admission">Click here to see more videos like this.</a>

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