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Voices From Wesleyan Center For Prison Education


The Center for Prison Education offers a high caliber liberal arts education inside prison walls. In September 2009, the Center enrolled its first class of students, offering nineteen men at Cheshire Correctional Institution the same coursework taught on Wesleyan’s main campus. Since then the center has provided over 70 courses to our more than 100 male and female students Cheshire and York Correctional Institutions. The center also provides unique opportunities for conventional students on Wesleyan’s main campus. Undergraduate volunteers collaborate closely with CPE students through exciting new course offerings and workshops and by serving as writing tutors and teaching assistants. By expanding Wesleyan’s community through fostering innovative and collaborative learning, the CPE offers a dynamic approach to reduce recidivism and democratize access to educational opportunity. We welcome you to the cause! visit: http://wesleyan.edu/cpe

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