Wesleyan University

Wesleyan University: We Want The Brave


Is Wesleyan right for you? The students who thrive at Wesleyan have - or aspire to - unique fearlessness. They have the courage and audacity to want to shape the world in which we live. We'd like to thank all the alumni and students who participated in this production. Credits: Alumni John Hickenlooper ’74 MA ’80. Hon. ’10 Maria Santana ’98 Bradley Whitford ’81 Amanda Palmer ’98 Laman Gray Jr. MD ’63 (footage courtesy of Kentucky Education Television, KentuckyOne Health, University of Louisville) Jay Levy ’60 (footage courtesy of UCSF) Robert King ’84 (footage courtesy of ESPN) Michele Roberts ’77 (footage courtesy of National Basketball Players Association) Kennedy Odede ’12 and Jessica (Posner) Odede ’09 (footage courtesy of Shining Hope for Communities) Bill Belichick ’75 (footage courtesy of Kraft Sports Productions) Jennifer Chayes ’79 (footage courtesy of National Museum of Mathematics, momath.org) Students & Production Crew Ruby Lanet, ’18 Alex Fabry, ’18 Dani Rodriguez ’20 Nate Gillman ’20 Naomi Williams ’19 Caroline Kravitz ’19 Giselle Reyes ’18 Tristan Genetta ’20 Adriane Tharp ’19

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