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Nicole Stanton - "Threshold Sites: Feast"


"Threshold Sites: Feast" is the culmination of Wesleyan University Associate Professor of Dance Nicole Stanton's engagement in the College of the Environment's 2013 Think Tank "Re-Envisioning the Commons." A moving exploration of the relationship between body/self, home/community, and environment/ecosystem through the lens of food, the project took off from a central question: How does the way we experience and enact our own corporeality impact the way we live in and experience our communities and our environments? Created and directed by Ms. Stanton in collaboration with regional, national, and international performing artists, as well as with Wesleyan faculty and students, "Threshold Sites: Feast" is supported by the Dance Department, the Center for the Arts' Creative Campus Initiative with leadership funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the College of the Environment, along with Wesleyan University's Baldwin University Lectures, The Mellon Fund for Lectures in Ethics, Politics and Social Issues, The Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, the Science in Society Program, The Animal Studies Reading Group, the Center for the Americas, the Anthropology Department, and the History Department.

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