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Virtual Common Moment 2020


The “Common Moment” is an annual shared participatory arts event that is one of the culminating experiences of New Student Orientation during the students’ first week on campus. Chair and Professor of Dance Hari Krishnan, Associate Professor of Dance Katja Kolcio, Interim Director of the Center for the Arts Jennifer Calienes, and student choreographers Zachary Farnsworth '21, Shirley Sullivan '21, and Jace Arouet '21 discuss the virtual "Common Moment" for the Class of 2024, which took place on Friday, August 28, 2020. The synchronous movement experience for incoming students featured choreographers from the Wesleyan University Dance Department (both faculty and students), breakout groups that learned different choreography set to the same music, and a final performance of the dance they learned. DANCE DEPARTMENT FACULTY AND STAFF Pedro Alejandro, Associate Professor of Dance Patricia Beaman, Artist in Residence Milka Djordjevich, Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Douglas Elkins, Visiting Associate Professor of Dance Maho Ishiguro, Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Katja Kolcio, Associate Professor of Dance Hari Krishnan, Chair and Professor of Dance Susan Lourie, Emeritus Chelsie McPhillimy, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Dance Eiko Otake, Visiting Artist in Residence Michele Olerud, Administrative Assistant Marcela Oteíza, Associate Professor of Theater Shamel Pitts, Visiting Instructor in Dance Joya Powell, Visiting Assistant Professor of Dance Iddi Saaka, Assistant Professor of Dance and Virtual Common Moment Artistic Director Urip Sri Maeny, Emeritus Nicole Stanton, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Dance CENTER FOR THE ARTS STAFF Rani Arbo: Campus and Community Engagement Manager Kyle Beaudette: Assistant Director of Events and Ticketing Jennifer Calienes: Interim Director Charles Carroll: Assistant Technical Director/Scenery Specialist Benjamin Chaffee: Associate Director, Visual Arts Andrew Chatfield: Director, Arts Communication Fiona Coffey: Associate Director for Programming and Performing Arts Jennifer Diglio: Accounting Specialist John Elmore: Art Director Joseph Fonseca: Technical Associate Drew Gray: General Manager Tony Hernandez: Assistant Technical Director Robyn Joyce: Manager, Patricelli ’92 Theater Rosemary Lennox: Exhibitions Manager and ICPP Program Manager Ellen Maurer: Freelance Designer Hanna Oravec: Assistant Director for Programs Robert Russo: Assistant Technical Director / Sound and Video Specialist Suzanne M. Sadler: Technical Director/CFA Theater Manager STUDENT CHOREOGRAPHERS Shirley Sullivan '21 Zachary Farnsworth '21 Jace Arouet '21 Pamela Gomez '22 Spenser Stroud '22 Maren Westgard '22 MUSICIANS Joseph Getter Peter Di Gennaro Jace Arouet '21

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